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Sat 21st Nov 2015 - 12:00pm : Gaming : Rocket League

We at Redline eSports are extremely excited to welcome Adepto, Bagz, Krouch, and Zav to the Redline eSports Rocket League Squads. Adepto and Krouch will be joining FunnyGuy on one team to form Redline eSports: Shockwave, while Bagz and Zav will join BiggDunksley to form Redline eSports: Nitro. I personally want to thank all four players for accepting our offer to play for us and we couldn't be happier with our two teams. All 6 members are men of great character, skill, and most importantly sportsmanship. We're giddy with anticipation to see how they perform in the weekly ESL Go4RocketLeague tournaments, IRCL, and beyond.


Redline eSports Nitro


  • Zav is the most vocal member of the team in a good way. He always knows what to say in stressful situations to relieve the tension and loosen the team up. In terms of skill, he is an explosive offensive player who likes to turn on the ball and create breakaway opportunities. While others may hesitate to go for a difficult aerial hit, Bagz will jump at the chance to show others how it's done. Bagz has an incredible control over his car and as such he's been unofficially crowned the aerial king of the RLE Nitro team.


Redline eSports Shockwave


  • Adepto is our amazing all around player who can play in any position and excel. While Adepto is highly skilled, he prefers to set his teammates up for scoring opportunities rather than score himself. He's the kind of player that is content to give others the spotlight, but doesn't shy away from stealing it from time to time when necessary. We're looking forward to having Adepto setting up some amazing goals.


  • Krouch has been playing competitively in various games for a while now, but Rocket League has caught his interest in a big way. He's a phenomenal player who's mechanical ability cannot be overstated. Krouch plays both defense and offense extremely well and has no problem scoring, setting his teammates to score, or defending. Expect to see Krouch flying high on both halves of the pitch all season long.


We're looking forward to seeing how high the teams can climb! 





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