RLE Scrimmage 10/29

Fri 30th Oct 2015 - 6:16pm : Gaming : Rocket League

The boys in red scrimmed against the Galaxy Gaming Esports EU PS4 team last night at around 8:00PM EST. The best of 7 series started off on the EU servers for the first three games. RLE was quick to pull the trigger in game one and took an early lead in the series 1-0. However, GGE was not content to let the series stay that way and took the next 2 games off of RLE. After the first 3 games on EU servers, we changed over to NA servers. GGE rode on the back of their previous successes and won the first game making the series 1-3 in favor of GGE. Game 5, however, was a battle of titans as both teams refused to give any ground until RLE's Bigg Dunksley found the back of the GGE net from across the field on a wall pinch. This brought the series to 2-3 in favor of GGE. Unfortunately for the RLE players, the comeback was not meant to be and GGE won the series in game 6. 


GGs and WP to GGE. Thanks to the GGE management for setting up the scrim. We look forward to our next scrim with them!





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