ESL Go4RocketLeague NA Cup #23 1/3/16

Tue 5th Jan 2016 - 6:00pm : Gaming : Rocket League

Redline Nitro

After making a roster change in the past couple of weeks, Nitro returned to the scene eager to prove they had the talent to stand alongside the best teams in NA. Unfortunately, the differences between players proved to be too much and they would lose in the second round of the tournament.

Following the result of this tournament, Ruq and I discussed the future of Nitro at length and have decided to make several changes. First, Nitro as a team will be disbanded. Second, StonedMoose, who had been filling in as a third player on the team, will be free to pursue other opportunities without restriction. We want to thank Moose for stepping up and working with Nitro and Redline eSporst as a whole. Third, Bigg Dunksley will continue to work with us on a number of levels. He will continue to stream for Redline, but is going on hiatus from the competitive Rocket League scene for the time being. His contributions to Redline will not be forgotten and we hope to support Bigg when he returns from hiatus. Finally, Zav will be joining Shockwave as a fourth member who we will rotate in based on ability, availability, and other factors. Zav’s growth has been meteoric to say the least and we are excited to see how his playstyle will complement the existing Shockwave roster.


Redline Shockwave

After taking a bit of time off the previous week, Shockwave returned to ESL ready to show everyone they were not a one-hit-wonder. The team began the day facing off against Minute Men in the RO128 after having a bye in the RO256. Funnyguy and Krouch were absolutely on point during this series combining for over 12 shots and several goals in just one game. The series would finish 3-0 in favor of Shockwave. In the RO64, the team would face off against Impulsion. Shockwave continued their superior play and trounced the opponent, winning the series in commanding fashion.

For the RO32, we would face off against EZG Knockout – a team that had beaten us in the past. Adepto, however, was done dealing with the ghost of games past. He took control of the series earning himself multiple goals, assists, shots, and saves. Adepto’s Octane was a blur as he raced around the pitch on both offense and defense. The series would be another quick one, with Shockwave winning in 3 games. In the RO16, the first true test of the team would show itself in the form of Hit The Post – a team that has long been in the top 25 of NA teams. Shockwave began the series a little weak, winning the first game by a narrow margin. However, in the second game, HTP took us to an overtime lasting well over 10 minutes before burying the ball in the back of our net. With that goal, Shockwave’s momentum leading up to this series had all but disappeared. The two teams traded goals and games back and forth for the rest of the series. Just as Shockwave seemed to find their groove in game 5, HTP put a well-placed equalizing goal into the Redline net to send the teams to overtime once more. This overtime would have a very different outcome from the previous. Before even 2 minutes had passed, Krouch and Adepto thawed the ice with a molten hot combination of a phenomenal cross and beautiful aerial goal to end the series and catapult Shockwave into the RO8 against their toughest opponent to date: iBP Cosmic.

The team couldn’t have been more excited to play against the #1 team in NA. The team started out strong in game 1, saving several stunning aerial shots from Cosmic and managing to throw a few good shots at the opposing net. However a few minutes later Cosmic finally let loose the dogs of war. While Shockwave looked great for a few minutes against Cosmic, we just couldn’t maintain the high pressure required to overcome the veterans opposite the pitch from us. While watching the games, it had to be noted that there were clear flashes of brilliance from the Shockwave players as they tried to discover what weaknesses they could. Game 3 would be the closest match-up between the two teams – thanks to a certain iBP Cosmic player stopping a teammates shot on goal. Thank Gib- I mean Kronovi… The game would go into overtime with Shockwave having a few phenomenal opportunities, however, each player on Cosmic would always come up with an equally phenomenal save.

GGs, WP, and congratulations to iBP Cosmic on winning ESL NA Cup #23. The team had a ton of fun playing against such stellar players. We look forward to meeting you on the pitch again in the future.







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