ESL Go4RocketLeague NA Cup #17 11/22

Mon 23rd Nov 2015 - 2:25pm : Gaming : Rocket League

Both Redline eSports Shockwave and Nitro took to the pitch yesterday in ESL's Go4RocketLeague NA Cup #17. Let's start with Redline Nitro.

Redline Nitro began their tournament in the RO128 against "Valleyfield Gatinea OMG". Nitro began the series aggressively scoring fast and furiously in their first game. That momentum continued to throughout the rest of the series as Nitro took down Valleyfield Gatinea OMG in 3 games. After that, it was on to play against Average Players in the RO64. Nitro started this series slowly at first, letting the first 2 games slip away from them. Nitro, unwilling to give up, returned to form in games 3 and 4, winning both games convincingly. The team's morale had returned but the reverse sweep wasn't meant to be and Average Players took game 5, knocking RLE Nitro out of the ESL Go4RocketLeague NA Cup #17. GGs to all the teams Nitro played yesterday.


Redline Shockwave began their tournament in the RO128 against Rockatears. From the first whistle, Shockwave played aggressively and quckly - rarely letting their opponents attempt any sort of set play. Shockwave's aggresive playstyle led them to a 3-0 victory over Rocktears. Next up was SPHB for the RO64, where Shockwave played similarly as in the RO128. The team played as a cohesive unit and made quick work of their second opponent. Shockwave moved onto the RO32 with a 3-0 victory over SPHB. Their third opponent of the day was Unknown. Unknown had made it to the quarter-finals of the previous ESL Go4RocketLeague NA Cup, so the team knew this was going to be a hard fought series. Hard fought it was as both teams battled to a 2-2 tie going into game 5. Shockwave, however, dug deep and took the series home. Shockwave moved onto the RO16 to face off against Moon Men. Shockwave came out aggressive in the series, taking the first game off of Moon Men. That loss lit a fire under Moon Men as they came back to win the next 3 games and knock Shockwave out of the ESL Cup. GGs to all the teams Shockwave played yesterday.


GGs and WP to the guys on both teams. Looking forward to seeing what they can accomplish next week!





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