Founded in 2015, Redline Esports, LLC is a North American based professional eSports organization. The organization started from a simple idea. The idea that players and managers can work together to create a harmonious environment. The players aren't tied down as harshly as some other organizations and we recognize that not all our players are full time gamers. We have lives outside of gaming and we want to support our players in both areas. At Redline Esports, we work and play hard - but we also care deeply about our players and want what is best for them. In addition to fielding two teams in the Rocket League scene. We're actively researching running our own tournaments to help grow the Rocket League professional scene as well as our organization. We are actively inquiring about sponsors, teams, and casters for a weekly tournament with the prize pool depending entirely on the number of entrants. Having watched League of Legends grow from almost nothing, we know that esports are here to stay and want to ensure that no one can say otherwise.


We are actively seeking to add to our teams. If you think you've got what it takes, drop us a line! We'll be glad to talk and evaluate your team no matter what game you play in.